5 Tips for Alzheimer’s Home Care in Jacksonville, FL

24 hour senior care jacksonville flTaking care of an Alzheimer’s patient is a loving and difficult responsibility. Patients with Alzheimer’s can become confused and even feel danger as they gradually lose their understanding and perception. Because being the caretaker can become frustrating and taxing, here are 5 tips for taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient:

Tip 1 – Learn about Alzheimer’s disease

Learn about the disease itself, its progression, and the possible changes of behavior and communication it causes. It’s important to do this for your own understanding and for the understanding of friends and family who may not know about this disease. Remember: understanding breeds compassion and patience, especially when it comes to a change of behavior from a loved one who may soon see you as a stranger.

Tip 2 – Build a support network

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of Alzheimer’s home care in Jacksonville, FL, don’t do it alone. Give yourself permission to ask for help from a caring family member. If you can’t find anyone suitable, then be sure there’s someone you can talk to about the trials you may experience by taking care of the Alzheimer’s patient. It’s important to have people who love you check in with you to ensure you’re OK even and especially as you selflessly commit to taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s. Also, do the things you did before the role of caretaker was yours and enjoy time for yourself. Having time for you allows you to look forward to taking care of your loved one.

Tip 3 – Be patient with the patient, especially if they forget the right words to say

Patients can become frustrated because they know the right words to say, but they can’t verbalize them because they don’t remember them. This causes impatience and frustration on both sides of the conversation. Allow the patient to carry the conversation as much as possible, keeping eye-contact and engagement. Be gentle with the patient and remember that the anger comes from the disease, and not because of you.

Tip 4 – Talk simply

The patient may have trouble understanding what you’re saying not only because they forget words, but because they also forget the meaning of them. Speaking slowly (but not condescendingly) and with simple words will help communication. Use repetition when appropriate, not when frustration gets the best of you.

Tip 5 – Show it

Help bridge understanding by showing the patient what you mean. For example, if you wish to ask the patient what they’d like to drink, grab a jar of water and a jar of juice and show the jars as you ask: “Would you like some water or some juice this morning?”

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