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Home Health Care Services – Always Caring, Always Exceptional

If your loved one needs home care in Jacksonville, FL, our Ace Companion Care professionals are here to offer the best in assistance and care. Whether your loved one needs minimal assistance in completing daily tasks or around-the-clock care, our caregivers are trained and experienced to deliver the best in home health care.  Does your loved one need exceptional care? Contact us today and speak to one of our specialists about how we can best deliver our unparalleled care services.

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Our Services

We offer four main specialized services: companion care, personal care, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Each of these services is tailored to fit the specific needs of yourself or a loved one, and each service comes with exceptional care.

With companion care, our caregivers help individuals live the lives they desire with ease. The duties of companion care include: meal preparation, cleaning services, maintenance of health-focused routines, assistance in completing chores and errands, and other appropriate requests.  

Personal care entails all of the aforementioned companion care services, as well as additional hands-on duties. Personal caregivers can assist in clothing and grooming, hygiene, exercise and rehabilitation, and more.  

Our assisted living services are for recipients who require day and night assistance.  Those who receive our assisted living services are assigned one main live-in caregiver for weekdays and a fill-in caregiver for weekends and times when the main caregiver cannot work. Assisted living allows for a more comfortable experience, free of inconveniences from shift changes, and provides recipients with more personalized and in-depth care.  

We also attend to your loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, keeping recipients mentally and physically active and showing compassion and respect throughout the care process.  Our rotation system ensures that our caregivers stay kind and alert to deliver the best care at all times.

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Always Expect the Best Care

With Ace Companion Care, you can always expect to receive the best in home health care and senior home care in Jacksonville, FL. Our caregivers are professionally trained, reliable, and trustworthy. They do not judge care recipients, and they treat recipients with the compassion, patience, and respect that our clients deserve.

The care that the recipient receives is tailored upon your request of what your loved one needs and the abilities of what the recipient is willing and able to do. Our health services and elder care in Jacksonville, FL are always exceptional because our caregivers provide recipients with the unique assistance they require.

Let Us Care for You and Your Loved One

If you or your loved one needs assisted senior home care or home health care in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area, contact us today. We will discuss your needs and figure out what the best care plan is for your loved one. Call our toll-free number at 866-223-1231 or our local number at 904-753-5223.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and we are located at 9471 Baymeadows Rd., Ste 405, Jacksonville, FL 32256. Everyone deserves to live their best life, comfortably and happily. We at Ace Companion Care can help your loved one live the life they desire, with the comfort and ease that our professional and compassionate caregivers provide. Do not let your loved one wait any longer to receive the best exceptional care among elder care and home health agencies in Jacksonville, FL.